Chicken Teriyaki – Meal Prep

Healthy, quick to prepare and an ideal meal prep dish: Chicken Teriyaki. The classic from Asian cuisine is super tasty and can be perfectly prepared for the next day. Because with pre-cooking, the so-called Meal Prep, you can eat healthy and inexpensive outside of your own four walls. In addition, you not only have a high-quality meal ready […]

Fruity Protein Shake with Blackberries

Low Calorie Vitamin Shake Eliminate fruit from everyday enjoyment because of the high fructose content? No way – blackberries are low-calorie berries and can be incorporated into the meal plan with just 40 calories per 100 grams. In comparison: bananas contain around 89 calories per 100 grams. So if you follow a low-calorie diet, you can enjoy […]

Broccoli Power Shake

Broccoli not only detoxifies the body, it also helps with weight loss. It melts your belly fat, ensures beautiful skin and is rich in fiber and vitamins. 100 grams of broccoli have 3.5 grams of protein in their raw state. Then why not just include it in a delicious protein shake? Our recipe for a nutritious protein shake […]

Banana and Almond Shake

The ideal reward after a hard workout – a delicious protein shake. The drink, with or without whey, promotes muscle and strength building, supports regeneration and promotes the immune system. Ingredients for one serving: 1 ripe banana 30 g whey powder (banana) 300 ml almond milk 1 pinch of cinnamon 1 tbsp oatmeal 1 tbsp almonds […]

The Best Dumbbell Exercises To Get Buffed

Did you know that in ancient times, athletes, fighters and gladiators used dumbbells to strengthen their bodies? Dumbbells were even a part of Olympic events. Today, dumbbell training is designed to build up muscles and strength. The main difference between working out on machines and working out with dumbbells is that you can target muscles in isolation with dumbbells. […]

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