Nylon Rope Cable Attachment

Nylon Rope Cable Attachment

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Nylon Rope Cable Attachment

Nylon rope with chrome swivel joint  in detail

A flexible nylon rope handle on your bench press or pull down machine is the perfect way to build your triceps. And with the Gorilla Sports rope, you can do even more. Thanks to the flexible handle, you can work on your abs by standing at the station and pulling the rope over your shoulders.


  • available in 3 lengths: 68 cm, 85 cm, 100 cm
  • rope thickness: 2.8 cm
  • Unit weight: approx. 1 kg
  • Maximum load capacity: 150 kg

What else should you know about the nylon rope with swivel joint?

This rope is manufactured to high-quality studio standard so makes the perfect addition to your home gym. Due to the extremely flexible nature of a rope, you can train specific muscle groups in a variable and targeted way.  And it's not just for triceps - if you pull the rope from below you can also work on your biceps. Additional exercises can focus on your back and chest.

Nylon Rope Cable Attachment

Product Number: 100169

Manufacturer: Gorilla Sports


Wrote by Guest on 29.11.2018

neat, stable quality at a very good price


Wrote by Guest on 18.08.2019

Great decision to buy this rope


Wrote by Guest on 27.01.2019

Great service... I can only recommend!

very satisfied

Wrote by Guest on 14.06.2019

Super price performance ratio

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