MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1
MAXXUS Multipress 10.1

MAXXUS Multipress 10.1

Product Number: MX600066-00019-0001

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MAXXUS Multipress 10.1

MAXXUS® Multipress 10.1 for Professional Strength Training at Home


Extremely stable tubular steel construction

• Ball-bearing barbell bar with a maximum load of 300kg
• Massive training bench with a maximum load of 300kg
• Training handles for duplex, lat pull and rowing station included
• Quality steel cables with nylon sheath tested to 1,000kg
• Built-in duplex station (adjustable in height!) Including individual handles for extensive training
• So: chin-up station, dips station and suspension for punching bag included


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Highlights of the MAXXUS multipress 10.1

Extra heavy duty steel construction
The tubular steel construction of the Multipresse 10.1 impresses with its excellent workmanship and stability. Training with heavy weights requires a high degree of stability and a high mass in order to be able to carry the weight and prevent twisting. With a total weight of approx. 260kg, the Multipresse 10.1 is the most massive multi-gym ever built by MAXXUS®.

Separate training bench
The included training bench stands securely on the floor thanks to the heavy steel construction. Neither load changes nor a high user weight can harm the training bench. With a maximum load capacity of 300kg and extra thick padding, the training bench of the Multipress 10.1 has everything you need for hard and, above all, safe training. The transport rollers allow the training bench to be easily moved.

Adjustable backrest of the training bench
The backrest of the training bench is adjustable in many ways, so that everything is possible, from the negative bench press to the high incline bench press. The quick adjustment enables the inclination to be adjusted in seconds.

Training bench modules
A removable curl desk, which is adjustable in height, enables effective arm training. The padding is extra thick and therefore particularly comfortable. The leg curler offers the possibility of extensive leg training. The curl desk with removable Durl bar and the leg curler are included in the delivery.

No weight plates are included in the scope of delivery. You can find them in our shop

High level bench press

The ball-bearing barbell bar offers a training feeling like in the studio. The smooth running of the guides pays off both with smaller weights and with high weight loads. The barbell bar has the obligatory corrugation in the holding area for the best possible grip. By turning the barbell bar, it is hooked securely. If you would like to work out with a separate barbell bar, you can use the standard shelves, which can be loaded up to a maximum of 300kg. We offer the MAXXUS Olympia barbell in the slightly extended version, which can be used on the multipress 10.1.

Duplex station
Instead of a simple lat pulldown, the Multipress 10.1 has a height-adjustable duplex station with two cable connections, on which both conventional pulling exercises such as lat pulldowns or triceps presses are possible, as well as crossover pulling exercises. This makes the Multipresse 10.1 the ideal back trainer, because the variety of pulling exercises is almost inexhaustible. The two individual handles are included in the scope of delivery.

Rowing station
Another important back exercise is rowing, which is easily possible thanks to the rowing station. Up to 150kg can be used for the rowing exercises. The rudder handle is included. Of course, the cable connection can also be used for countless pulling exercises from below. Standing rowing, for example, is a very effective and popular exercise for many strength athletes.

Lat exercises
The multipress 10.1 has two cable connections from above. In addition to the individual handles, a lat pull bar can also be connected. Both cable connections can be used independently of one another; pulling lat is one of the most important exercises for the back. The high design of the multipress 10.1 enables the boom to be extended far up so that the exercise can be carried out correctly, which is usually not possible with low cable connections.

Dip station
In order to be able to train dips, two modules can be attached at different heights. In this way, the height of the modules can be individually adjusted to the respective body measurements. In this exercise, muscle areas in the shoulder and chest are addressed in addition to the triceps muscle. That is why effective dip exercise is part of every balanced strength training session.

Market Leading Quality
The quality of the Multipress 10.1 is beyond any doubt. You quickly notice that the developers of the multipress are themselves advanced strength athletes and that the design is correspondingly high-quality. Not only the design plays a role, but the security and effectiveness must be right.




Ergonomics instead of compact design
Multipresses and multi-gyms usually have one major disadvantage. Ergonomics are neglected due to the need for a compact design. Exercises cannot be carried out or cannot be carried out correctly because there is simply not enough space. With the Multipress 10.1 no consideration was given to the space available in the room, but only the sole focus on training effectively and as ergonomically as possible.

Technical details of the MAXXUS multipress 10.1


Frame construction
Frame material Steel tubing
paintwork Powder coating
Training bench
Rest adjustable in inclination Yes
Curl Yes, adjustable in height
Leg curl module / reverse Yes / Yes
Transport wheels Yes
Dimensions and weights
Dimensions - without bench (LxWxH) 1625x2197x2185mm
Packing size (box 1) / weight 2,260x960x400mm / 235kg
Packing size (Box 2) / weight 1,290x480x280mm / 40kg
Weight / shipping weight wooden box 275kg
Maximum bank load 300kg
Maximum load barbell 300kg
Maximum load Lat Pull-downs  250kg
Maximum load leg curl 100kg
Useable weight plates  with 50 / 52mm hole diameter
Private use Yes
Warranty / Guarantee
Warranty / private use 2 years 

No weight plates are included in the scope of delivery. You can find them in our shop

MAXXUS Multipress 10.1

Product Number: MX600066-00019-0001

EAN: 4260244715399

weight: 275 kg

strength machine with training bench ✓ bench press ✓ pull-up ✓ rowing ✓ lat-pull ✓ butterfly ✓
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