MAXXUS Elliptical Cross Trainer CX 5.1
MAXXUS Elliptical Cross Trainer CX 5.1
MAXXUS Elliptical Cross Trainer CX 5.1
MAXXUS Elliptical Cross Trainer CX 5.1
MAXXUS Elliptical Cross Trainer CX 5.1
MAXXUS Elliptical Cross Trainer CX 5.1
MAXXUS Elliptical Cross Trainer CX 5.1
MAXXUS Elliptical Cross Trainer CX 5.1
MAXXUS Elliptical Cross Trainer CX 5.1
MAXXUS Elliptical Cross Trainer CX 5.1
MAXXUS Elliptical Cross Trainer CX 5.1
MAXXUS Elliptical Cross Trainer CX 5.1

MAXXUS Elliptical Cross Trainer CX 5.1

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MAXXUS Elliptical Cross Trainer CX 5.1

MAXXUS® elliptical cross trainer CX 5.1 - a best in class elliptical cross trainer with rail system and flat, elliptical movement

The MAXXUS® CX 5.1 is the ideal whole-body training device for health-conscious recreational athletes. The flat ellipse has a slope of approx. 18 cm with a stride length of approx. 53 cm.
The CX 5.1 thus offers a realistic and joint-friendly elliptical running movement.

Designed and engineered in Germany this elliptical cross trainer delivers high end commercial grade performance at an incredible price.   
Test drive the MAXXUS CX 5.1 in our Sydney Showrooms at 20 Roger Street, Brookvale 2100, NSW

Highlights of the MAXXUS elliptical cross trainer CX 5.1


The extra large, multicolored LCD display with blue backlight ensures a good overview and easy readability. All training values ​​at a glance: display of time, calorie consumption, distance, total distance, speed in km / h, wheel rotation per minute, watt ** and pulse or heart rate *. The operation of the cockpit is very simple, so that everyone can use it.

Programs & training profiles
  • 1 quick start function
  • 3 manual program
  • 12 permanently installed training profiles
  • 1 recovery pulse measurement
  • 4 heart rate controlled programs
  • 1 free space
  • 1 constant watt program **
Bluetooth and APP connection
The elliptical cross trainer has a Bluetooth connection that enables control via the incoonsole + app. The app is available free of charge for Android and Apple devices in the App Store and can be downloaded there. The app is not included in the scope of delivery. In order to establish the Bluetooth connection between the smartphone / tablet, the current Bluetooth version 4.0 is required.
The cockpit can of course also be used without a connection to a smartphone / tablet

Pulse measurement The ergonomically attached hand pulse sensors of the CX 5.1 enable the current pulse to be checked quickly and conveniently during training.

Heart rate

measurement The cockpit is already equipped with a POLAR® compatible receiver.
In conjunction with an optionally available uncoded transmitter chest strap, this enables the measurement and display of the current heart rate.

Electronically controlled permanent magnetic brake system

The CX 5.1 is equipped with a friction-free and therefore wear-free, extremely low-noise and extremely uniform permanent magnetic brake. The 16 resistance levels can be adjusted electronically and the training programs are controlled by a computer.

Healthy training through a healthy posture A

healthy posture when exercising on the elliptical cross trainer is particularly important because incorrect posture can cause joint problems. The MAXXUS® CX 5.1 was designed in such a way that the movement sequence comes as close as possible to natural movement. You quickly feel comfortable on the device and the first training successes appear after just a few training units. The positions of the pedals were also determined with ergonomics in mind. You run completely naturally and easily on the CX 5.1, without O-leg adjustment.


rollers & floor height compensation Two large and stable transport rollers on the front stand enable the CX 5.1 to be moved easily and easily without great effort.
Six feet for leveling the floor make it possible to compensate for uneven floors and thus ensure a secure footing.
The CX 5.1 impresses with its modern and timeless design. The simple and clear handling of the cockpit makes the CX 5.1 a universal training device for the whole family. No long training periods and no lengthy familiarization with computer functions. Just start training.

  •     cardio training
  •     Improve overall fitness
  •     fat burning
  •     physical therapy

Brake system

The permanent magnetic brake of the CX 5.1 is controlled electronically. The 16 braking levels can thus be set quickly and precisely. Since no friction is generated with this type of brake system, it works completely wear-free, evenly and noiselessly.


The 9kg heavy flywheel of MAXXUS® CX 5.1 is electronically balanced, this enables an optimal circuit without vibrations and the reduction of noise during operation. The result is a quiet and very even, joint-friendly training. The flywheel mass of the CX 5.1 is approx. 24kg.

Drive system & gear ratio

The CX 5.1 elliptical cross trainer is equipped with one of the currently highest quality drive systems, a poly-V longitudinal ribbed belt, also known as a grooved belt. This system, in conjunction with a gear ratio of 1:10, enables full power transmission without loss of performance, which is expressed in simple devices primarily by slipping of the belt and out of round pedaling. The CX 5.1 convinces with an even concentricity and a very joint-friendly training.

Hand pulse measurement

The handle of the CX 5.1 is equipped with ergonomically placed, wide hand pulse sensors. These enable the user to determine his current pulse value at any time during the training. This is a simple and quick way of taking intermediate measurements.

comfort button

In order not to have to press around on the cockpit buttons during training, the CX 5.1 has additional buttons attached to the fixed handle. A quick and easy change of resistance levels is therefore possible at any time.

Slide frame

The massive slide frame of the CX 5.1 with a tube diameter of 40 mm ensures smooth running.
The chrome-plated treads are easy to clean and lubricate.


The treads of the CX 5.1 pedals are extra large with the dimensions of approx. 14x36.5cm and allow different standing positions. Even people with big feet will find a good footing on the pedals. The pedals are equipped with anti-slip ribbing, which should prevent them from slipping.

pedal spacing

The pedal distance is approx. 7 cm. Ideal for a natural running movement. With many compact elliptical cross trainers, the distance between the pedals is too large, so that you stand too wide-legged on the device. However, the CX 5.1 only has a
pedal distance of approx. 7 cm, which supports healthy posture on the device.

Stride length

The basis for a joint-friendly training is an ideal elliptical running movement. This is achieved when the stride length is as large as possible and the stride height is low in comparison.
With a stride length of 530 mm and a step height of
180 mm, the CX 5.1 is ideal for joint-gentle training with real elliptical running movement.

Required ceiling height

To determine the required ceiling height, the pedal height of 29 cm is added to the body size, for example:
person with 1.80 m height + 29cm pedal height = 2.09 m
The required ceiling height in this example is at least 2.09 m.

Bottle holder

The bottle holder of the CX 5.1 has been attached to the main tube so that it is easily accessible during training. The bottle storage is flexible, so that even large bottles are added können.Trinkflasche not included

Movable lever for total body workout

The optimal training movement is generated by using the hand lever. The body is almost completely trained and that is what makes cross training so popular. The movable hand levers are made extra long so that tall and small people alike find an ideal training position and the muscles are addressed holistically. The distance between the movable hand levers is approx. 670mm.


The modern cockpit of the CX 5.1 is equipped with large, stable buttons. These enable simple and quick operation. The 85x153 mm (HxW) extra large display and the slightly curved shape of the cockpit enable a good view for people of all sizes.
The cockpit is for safe and controlled training
of the CX 5.1 is already equipped with a receiver for wireless heart rate measurement. In conjunction with an optionally available, uncoded transmitter chest strap, the user is constantly shown the current heart rate * on the display.

Blue backlight LCD display

The cockpit of the CX 5.1 is equipped with an LCD display with blue backlighting. This enables optimal readability of the training data even in poor ambient lighting. The 8x10 Dot LCD professional matrix shows the graphical course of the current training.
The display provides information on: distance, calorie consumption, time, pulse / heart rate *, speed in km / h and RPM, watt ** and total distance.

Tablet PC holder & USB charging cable connection

The cockpit of the CX 5.1 is equipped with a holder for the most common smartphones (internal dimensions: approx. 71x19 mm). The USB port on the left side of the cockpit enables the smartphone to be charged during training. USB charging cable and smartphone are not included!

Heart rate control *

The cockpit of the CX 5.1 has four heart rate controlled training programs. When using an uncoded transmitter chest strap (optionally available), the cockpit controls the braking force depending on the target heart rate of the user.
Controlled, safe and effective - training couldn't be better. Heart rate control is a must, especially for beginners, returnees and users who should train at controlled heart rates on the advice of their doctor. * only in connection with transmitter chest strap - optionally available.

Transport castors

The front standpipe of the CX 5.1 is equipped with two stable transport castors.
In this way, the cross trainer can be easily moved around the room.

Floor height adjustment

So that the CX 5.1 has a secure stand even on uneven floors, there are floor leveling adjusters.

Low power consumption

The Cross trainer CX 5.1 meets the legal requirements with regard to power consumption in standby mode, which apply from 2013 (max. 0.5 watts). The power consumption during operation is less than 2.5 watts. Connected devices via USB cable are not taken into account.

MAXXUS 2 year Standard Warranty



MAXXUS Elliptical Cross Trainer CX 5.1

Product Number: MX600001-00019-0001

EAN: 4260244711353

weight: 89 kg

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