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Hexagon Rubber Dumbbell 2-50 kg

For even muscle building: the Hexagon Rubber Dumbbell 2-50 kg from Gorilla Sports

The Hexagon rubber dumbbell 2-50 kg enables exercises with a much larger range of motion compared to device training. Through targeted training of weaker muscle groups, you achieve an even muscle build-up and an improved interaction of the muscle groups.

Overview of the Hexagon rubber dumbbell rubber 2-50 kg by Gorilla Sports

Power for your muscles: The dumbbell rubber 2-50 kg is part of a well thought-out series of professional studio equipment. These include 21 rubber hexagon dumbbells weighing 2 to 50 kg. Like the rubber dumbbell 2-50 kg, the other dumbbells are characterized by cast-iron cores and thick, floor-protecting rubber coatings.
The details at a glance? The hexagonal rubber dumbbell 2-50 kg has the following characteristics:
  • Chromed, corrugated dumbbell bar with 15 cm handle length
  • Cast iron core with rubber coating
  • Integrated weight indication
  • Professional studio quality
  • Available in a total of 21 weight classes

Effective and varied: training with dumbbells

Due to the large range of motion and the variety of exercises, you can achieve otherwise neglected muscle groups during dumbbell training. You strengthen your weaker side of the body and specifically strengthen the stability of your trunk.

Hexagon Rubber Dumbbell 2-50 kg

Product Number: 100518

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