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Gorilla Sports Aluminum Hand Grips


For strong fingers, hands and forearms: Gorilla Sports Aluminum Hand Grips

Regardless of whether you do advanced strength training or are a passionate climber: Above a certain level of performance, the limiting factor is often the strength of your fingers and hands. This can be remedied by special forearm training with this black dumbbell set. It consists of a total of 6 individual dumbbells of different strengths. The simple design is extremely robust and the knurled handles offer your hands a secure hold.

The details of the Grips at a glance:

  • Spring made of special pressure steel
  • Knurled aluminum handles with milled pressure indication
  • 6 Had Grips with different resistances 
  • Minimum resistance 100 lbs. (corresponds to approx. 45 kg)
  • Maximum resistance 350 lbs. (corresponds to approx. 158 kg)
  • Dimensions of a single dumbbell (L x W) 13 x 10 cm
  • Resistance: 100lbs, 150lbs, 200lbs, 250lbs, 300lbs, 350lbs
  • Handle diameter approx. 18 mm

Useful tips for safe training:

Even if you want to make progress as quickly as possible: Patience is recommended when training your grip strength with the grips.  Although the muscles of the forearm react quickly to growth stimuli, the tendons and joints need significantly more time to adapt. If you increase the resistances moderately, you avoid overloading. Warming up your hands before training is just as important.

Gorilla Sports Aluminum Hand Grips

Product Number: 100561

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