Competition Kettlebell 24KG
Competition Kettlebell 24KG
Competition Kettlebell 24KG

Competition Kettlebell 24KG

Product Number: 100557-00034-0028

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Competition Kettlebell 24KG

Competition Kettlebell 24KG


  • Competition kettlebells adhere to competition regulations by being identical in size regardless of the weight
  • Height: 28cm. Ball diameter: 21cm. Handle diameter: 3.3cm
  • Solid steel construction
  • Painted body - colour coded for easy identification. Handle untreated.
  • Professional build quality
  • Weight imprinted on surface
  • Flattened base for extra stability
  • Please note, the handle may tarnish if the kettlebell is unused for long periods. This can easily be removed with a moist wipe.
  • Available in weights from 8KG up to 40KG



Kettlebells can be lifted like dumbbells for strength workouts, using moves like the Snatch, Clean and Jerk. They can also be swung, either alone or in pairs, for an intense cardio workout.



Competition kettlebells are perfect for dedicated kettlebell training. The uniform size makes it easier to be consistent with your exercises, regardless of the weight you're training with. The handle provides a sturdy and comfortable grip. The solid steel construction means the kettlebells won't break if dropped.


Competition Kettlebell 24KG

Product Number: 100557-00034-0028

EAN: 4260200845399

Manufacturer: Gorilla Sports

weight: 24 kg

as always, very happy with the process

Wrote by Guest on 17.09.2019

I can only recommend them...


Wrote by Guest on 26.04.2019

Great workmanship - solid - exact weight - handle has a pleasant roughness, does not stick to sweat. Great investment

Highly recommended

Wrote by Guest on 05.02.2019

The 24kg ball dumbbells are also very good in terms of appearance and feel and are recommended. The investment is definitely worth it.

Very good KB!

Wrote by Guest on 04.02.2019

I love this KB. The nice thing about the Competition KB is that they all look the same except for the color, which makes it easier to learn and use. Also packaged very securely and delivered quickly.

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