Barbell Pad
Barbell Pad
Barbell Pad
Barbell Pad
Barbell Pad

Barbell Pad

Product Number: 100458-00019-0001

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Barbell Pad

Barbell Pad - The neck cushion in black in detail

Especially with barbell squats or exercises like the bench press, bruising or bruising can occur when using high weights. Not only do these look bad, they are clearly not the goal of your workout, which is about building muscle with controlled movements. Therefore, the purchase of a neck roll is actually worth it in any case!

Hard facts about the neck pad:

  • Length: approx. 40 cm
  • 8.5 cm in diameter
  • Material thickness about 3 cm

What else is there to know about the neck pad?

You attach the neck roll to the barbell thanks to the stable Velcro fastener. Due to the special material, this closure holds without problems even with sweaty skin. The fabric is stretchy enough to fit all of your barbell bars. Therefore, you can use the neck roll universally. The black color scheme is unobtrusive and subtle. In this way, you can push your limits to the limits of your workout and test them again without having to worry that you look as if you had come from your first hour of boxing training.

Barbell Pad

Product Number: 100458-00019-0001

EAN: 4260200843807

Manufacturer: Gorilla Sports

weight: 1 kg

Neck pillow 5 stars

Wrote by Guest on 12.11.2019

Fast delivery and very good solid material quality. Excellent neck protection. Nothing to complain about


Wrote by Guest on 06.03.2019

Very good quality and fast delivery

Top processed

Wrote by Guest on 05.08.2019

I am very pleased.

Do what it should ūüí™

Wrote by Guest on 15.03.2019

Great for protecting your neck.

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