RunMaxx 9.1
RunMaxx 9.1
RunMaxx 9.1
RunMaxx 9.1
RunMaxx 9.1
RunMaxx 9.1
RunMaxx 9.1
RunMaxx 9.1
RunMaxx 9.1

RunMaxx 9.1

Product Number: MX600043-00019-0001

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RunMaxx 9.1

Extra large running surface - MAXXUS RunMaxx 9.1

  •     Bluetooth interface for APP control **
  •     Cockpit with LCD displays
  •     Tablet PC holder
  •     Top speed 20km / h
  •     Electrical incline adjustment
  •     Quick selection buttons for incline and speed
  •     Cushion-Flex system for training that is easy on the joints
  •     Space-saving thanks to the foldable running surface
  •     Extra large running surface for more safety during running training
  •     Powerful, quiet 3.0 HP motor
  •     Effective training programs, including a heart rate program
  •     Built-in receiver for optional wireless heart rate belt
  •     Hand pulse sensors for quick intermediate measurements
  •     Safety key safety shutdown
  •     Easy assembly in a few steps, easy to use
  •     Max Load at run 140kg  

Get commercial treadmill performance at home

The MAXXUS treadmill RunMaxx 9.1 impresses with its modern design, stability and functionality. The extra large, well-cushioned running surface of 154 x 55 cm offers enough space to really accelerate. Alternatively, you can use your own smartphone / tablet as a training computer via the iC + Training APP. This gives you a completely new view and exciting additional functions. The large multifunctional LCD display provides an overview of all important training data at all times. At the end of the training session, the running surface can be easily folded up to save space.
The RunMaxx 9.1 treadmill stands for the highest home training standard. The quiet 3.0 HP DC motor allows speeds of 1 to 20 km / h. The incline can be electrically adjusted 15 times (level 0-14). The Cushion-Flex damping system enables a comfortable run and a very joint-friendly running training. Numerous training programs ensure the appropriate motivation and variety.
Training programs:
  •     Quick start function
  •     Easy to use manual programming
  •     36 fixed training profiles
  •     3 heart rate controlled programs 
  •     Body mass index calculation


Highly effective cardio training with the RunMaxx 9.1

The RunMaxx 9.1 is suitable for all fitness levels and is a great choice if several people with different physiques and training goals want to train on the treadmill. The 9.1 is ideal for walking, jogging and running. The large running surface offers plenty of security, especially for fast run training, climbing runs and interval training.

Cockpit with Bluetooth interface for APP control via the APP 
iC + Training
The cockpit has an interface to connect to a smartphone and enable control via an APP (iC + Training).
Of course, the cockpit can also be used like a normal treadmill without a smartphone / tablet PC and APP.

Holder for tablet PC
Attach your tablet to the holder provided and connect it to the cockpit via Bluetooth (from V4.0) if you wish. So you always have the screen of the tablet PC in an ideal position when running.

Programs and training
profiles Varied training programs make treadmill training effective and entertaining. 36 fixed training profiles, divided into the application areas of walking, jogging, climbing, weight losing, physical training and endurance training, can be selected. 3 free memory locations are available for saving your own training profiles. 3 heart rate programs enable automatic training according to heart rate. The treadmill offers a BMI measurement (Body Mass Index) to check success.

Powerful motors for drive and incline adjustment
The MAXXUS RunMAXX 9.1 treadmill has a very powerful 3.0PS (2.21kW) drive motor that can accelerate the treadmill to a maximum speed of 20km / h. The incline of the running surface is adjustable up to 15%. Quick selection buttons for inclines and speeds are available for quick and convenient operation. The incline can be adjusted conveniently at the push of a button on the cockpit or automatically in the interval programs. The powerful spindle motor lifts the running surface under load while running and lowers it gently, making simulated mountain runs possible.

Damping of the running surface for joint-friendly running training
Since running training without incline has five to seven times your body weight and walking & walking training up to three times your body weight, optimal damping is essential for joint-friendly training. The Cushion-Flex damping system ensures effective and well-distributed absorption of the impact shock.

Pulse measurement The ergonomically attached hand pulse sensors enable quick and easy control of the current pulse during training.

ECG-accurate heart rate measurement
The cockpit is already equipped with a POLAR® -compatible receiver.
In connection with an optionally available, uncoded transmitter chest strap (frequency 5 kHz), this enables the measurement and display of the current heart rate. The permanent and accurate measurement of the heart rate via a pulse belt is necessary for the use of the heart rate programs.

Low space requirement
The folding mechanism allows the treadmill to be stored in a space-saving manner when it is not needed. The folding up of the tread is supported by dampers.

Quick and easy assembly
A few, simple steps, which are clearly explained in the assembly instructions, to a ready-to-use treadmill. Even the layperson can assemble the RunMaxx 9.1 treadmill without prior knowledge.


Regular running has numerous positive effects on the body:
  •     Improvement of endurance and condition
  •     Reduction of body weight and fat reserves
  •     Tightening and strengthening especially the leg and buttock muscles
  •     Improvement of the cardiovascular system
  •     Lowering the resting heart rate
  •     Better heart activity
  •     Stress relief

Additional highlights:

  •     HRC receiver (POLAR® compatible)
  •     Quick selection buttons for incline and speed
  •     Hand pulse sensors for quick intermediate measurements
  •     Safety key safety shutdown
  •     Bottle holder and storage space
  •     Transport rollers
  •     Detailed installation and operating instructions
  •     Two year standard warranty for the unit with an additional three years for the motor    

** APP control: The APP iC + Training can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play and the App Store for Android and Apple operating systems and is not included in the scope of delivery. Please note that MAXXUS is not the manufacturer of the iC + Training APP and is therefore not responsible for its content. The cockpit can of course also be conveniently operated without a smartphone / APP.

** Heart rate programs: Hand pulse measurement is not sufficient for using the heart rate programs. An optionally available wireless heart rate belt is required for this, which we offer separately. The POLAR receiver for uncoded, Polar® transmitter chest belts is already built into the cockpit of the treadmill.

Devices such as smartphones or tablets are not part of this offer.

RunMaxx 9.1

Product Number: MX600043-00019-0001

EAN: 4260244716150

weight: 117 kg

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