Multi-Gym Universal with Lat Pulldown - black
Multi-Gym Universal with Lat Pulldown - black

Multi-Gym Universal with Lat Pulldown - black

Product Number: 100606-00019-0001

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Multi-Gym Universal with Lat Pulldown - black


Contains everything for your whole body workout: The multi-gym Universal

The white universal multi-gym including lat pull from Gorilla Sports offers you a solid basis for your own home gym. The extensively equipped weight bench serves as a flat, inclined and curl bench. It has butterfly arms, dip handles and an attachable lat pull including lat pull handle. The integrated barbell rack is just as multiple adjustable as the backrest, the leg curl and the curl bench.

Well equipped: the multi-adjustable multi-gym with lat pulldown

Power for triceps, biceps & Co : The multi-gym enables a variety of exercises such as leg extension, lat and rowing, French press, butterflies and dips. You specifically strengthen muscle groups on the arms and legs, shoulder, chest and upper body and improve your strength endurance while burning calories. The actual building of the muscles takes place on the regeneration days.

Key features of the Multi-Gym Universal with Lat Pulldown:

  • A maximum load capacity of 280 kg for the bench 
  • 180kg for the barbell racks, 60 kg for the leg curl, 40 kg for the butterfly arms and 100 kg for the lat pulldown
  • Adjustable in three ways: the curl bench with barbell rack and the leg curler
  • Five-way adjustable: the barbell rack with integrated dip handles
  • Six-way adjustable: the backrest
  • Easy to change: the curl rack and the leg curler
  • Training variety: The attachable lat pulldown including handle
  • The weight bench incl. Lat pull measures approx. 195 cm in height
  • Suitable for weight plates with a hole diameter of 30 mm

The importance of ergonomics

The extra adjustability of this Gorilla Sports Multi-Gym allows you to adjust the training equipment to your height. Protect your joints and perform your exercises the right way with this added advantage of adjustability.


Technical details of the Multi-Gym Universal with Lat Pulldown:

Max. Resilience
  • Barbell racks: 180 kg
  • Leg curler: 60 kg
  • Butterfly arms: 40 kg each
  • Lat pull: 100kg
  • Bench including body weight: 280 kg 
Net Weight
  • Net weight bench: 40 kg
  • Net weight lat pulldown: 7kg
Dimensions weight bench without lat pull-up attachment (length x width x height)
  • approx. 180 x 138 x 90 - 110 cm
  • Back cushion: 68 x 28 x 4 cm
  • Curl cushion: 28 x 44.5 x 4 cm (shelf width approx. 33 cm)
  • Seat height: 44 cm
  • Length of butterfly arms: approx. 40 cm
  • Height including lat pull tower: 195 cm
  • Inner dimensions of the barbell rack: 60 cm
  • External dimensions of the barbell rack: 70 cm

Multi-Gym Universal with Lat Pulldown - black

Product Number: 100606-00019-0001

EAN: 4260200846952

Manufacturer: Gorilla Sports

weight: 60 kg

Nifty little setup

Wrote by Guest on 23.09.2021

Bought this as I was after as much bang for the buck as space is limited in my garage. Took a bit of time to assemble. Instructions were simple enough to follow. Even though it's relatively cheap it feels fairly solid. The lat pull down was a big win for me in having it part of the setup as it's something I missed when I left the gym. Just need to lube up the pole it slides up a little as it feels quite stiff if you don't. Anyway if your strapped on space like myself I'd look at getting this as it does many exercises in one small unit.

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