Weight Storage

Especially when you train in the strength range, it could be that you have a wide selection of weight plates and bars in the most diverse versions. The question that arises again and again in this context is: How can these important accessories be stored safely and neatly at the same time?
Of course, you could place the various weights on the floor. The disadvantage: a comparatively low training comfort and the fact that it quickly shows signs of use in the form of unsightly dents. It is much more practical to work with one of the modern and stable dumbbell racks. These are available in different versions and can often be adapted to your individual needs. In short: almost a must have for every strength sports fan.

Different types of dumbbell racks

First of all: the classic or typical dumbbell rack does not exist! Rather, you can choose between many different models in this area. Among other things, depending on the design ...:
  • Dumbbells
  • Weight plates
  • Barbells
be filed. Furthermore, it is up to you whether you choose a model in which only one dumbbell or several elements can be accommodated.
So your final purchase decision is of course also dependent on how flexible you want to train. For example, if you know right from the start that you might want to increase the number of your weights in the future (to target other muscle areas, for example), it can make sense to use a larger model from the outset. It is also important to compare the various construction methods with one another. To save space, many models work on two levels. This is a solution that can be used optimally in the smaller home gym area!

Weight racks and their advantages

Even if the desire for more order in the home gym is often the focus when it comes to buying a dumbbell rack, these elements of course offer other advantages.
For many athletes, the focus here is on increasing their own user comfort, among other things. This not only makes it easier to pick up the individual weights that are used in a dumbbell rack, but also often recognizes them at first glance.
In addition, many of the shelves are comparatively space-saving models. A particularly stylish way of safely storing dumbbells is, for example, the triangular shelf. Here the various weights are stored in a "pyramid shape". This means that it is always clear to outsiders and training partners where the heaviest weights are: right at the bottom.

Barbell stand for insertion

While the barbell bars are inserted parallel to the floor on most barbell racks, there are also special models that allow the bars to be inserted very easily.
This is again a popular solution when it comes to saving space and at the same time creating a visual highlight in the home gym. Especially when several bars have been used here, the effect as an eye-catcher should not be underestimated.

What should be considered when buying dumbbell racks?

Dumbbell racks are often not bought parallel to the corresponding weights and bars, but rather a little later. The athlete often realizes that a solution is needed to bring a little more order back into the home gym - with a larger number of weights.
But what should you pay attention to when buying dumbbell racks?
Basically, it is important to deal with the following questions before making the final decision ...:
  • Which dumbbell racks are compatible with my barbells and dumbbells?
  • How high should the total weight with which I can load my new dumbbell rack?
  • What role does design play (dumbbell racks are usually offered in classic colors such as black and white)?
  • How big can my new dumbbell rack be without restricting my space too much?
In addition, it almost always makes sense to think a little ahead when buying a shelf. This means: if you want to increase the number of weight plates and dumbbell bars in the future, you should opt for a larger model from the start.

Useful accessories for dumbbell racks

Dumbbell racks are usually easy to set up and have a high level of stability. Nevertheless, they must of course also be able to withstand a sometimes heavy weight. So that this is not inevitably passed on to the floor and dents in the floor area (for example on parquet) can be prevented, it makes sense to place a thin fitness mat under the dumbbell racks. This ensures a safe stand and at the same time prevents signs of use on the floor.
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