Vinyl Weight Plates - 30/31mm




What are Vinyl weight plates made of?

Vinyl weight plates have a filling of a compacted mixture of cement and sand. They are coated with several layers of highly durable vinyl plastic. It is characterized by malleability, elasticity, temperature and heat resistance.

In what weights and dimensions are the vinyl weight plates available from Maxxus?

Our vinyl weight plates with the following standard weights, diameter and width:
  •     1.25 kg, diameter 17 cm, width 4 cm
  •     2.5 kg, diameter 21 cm, width 4 cm
  •     5 kg, diameter 25 cm, width 5 cm
  •     10 kg, diameter 29 cm, width 6 cm
  •     15 kg, diameter 34 cm, width 6.5 cm

What weights do beginners train with?

Beginners should get a couple of 1.25, 2.5 kg and 5 kg weight plates to make the workout more varied.


What weights do advanced users exercise with?

If you want to build up your muscles properly in strength training, you should buy a barbell and heavier weights. They are also ideal for weightlifting and powerlifting exercises - we therefore recommend that advanced users continue training with two 10 kg and two 20 kg weight plates.


What are the advantages of vinyl weight plates?

They are usually much cheaper than weight plates made of cast iron or chrome. In addition, the plastic coating offers other advantages such as:
The plastic weight plates
  • the most cost effective weight plate available
  • can be handled more comfortably
  • are not as cold as cast iron weight plates
  • do not cause scratches on parquet and laminate floors
  • cause almost no noise when laying down or exercising
  • are available in both round and with convienient grip handles  

Also important: the very robust plastic coating does not indent when the fasteners are screwed tightly.


What kind of training are vinyl weight plates suitable for?

Vinyl weight plates are quite versatile and can be used for all levels of  training. Frequent repetition of the exercises is important when training with them. They are generally used as additional reinforcement: as support during fitness training, in fitness classes or when jogging. The vinyl weight plates serve as additional weight that makes the exercises more challenging and effective.
Vinyl weight plates are particularly suitable for training at home. Thanks to their construction, they are ideal for training in water, like using for water aerobics.
Other training options for plastic vinyl plates can be found in therapy and rehabilitation. Frequent repetition and gradual increase in weight are indispensable especially for this training area.

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