Rubber Coated Weight Plates - 30/31mm

Both beginners looking for a rather low weight and professional athletes get their money's worth here. Rubber weight plates are characterized by special properties and differ in some points from the classic cast iron variant.
But what are the advantages of rubber weight plates? And what should be considered in connection with a demanding training session?

Black and colored rubber weight plates

Many athletes decide to buy their rubber weight plates in a practical set. Among other things, this offers the advantage of being able to train more individually.
In connection with several weights in particular, it often helps to choose colored weight plates. So you can see at a glance where a certain weight is. So you don't have to pause your workout long in search of a specific disc.

The advantages of the rubber weight plate at a glance

Rubber weight plates have a number of specific characteristics. You can benefit from, among other things, ...:
  • a surface that tends to be softer, which also turns out to be gentler on the floor
  • robust training equipment
  • a selection with different designs
  • comfortable handling.
In order to meet your requirements for a high level of training comfort, it can also help, among other things, to sit on a dumbbell rack. Here you can conveniently store your weight plates.

Rubber weight plates with gripper

Even if rubber weight plates are well suited to being held in front of the chest, for example, because of their characteristic surface, in order to increase your own body weight, it can also be worthwhile to use the models with grippers during the course of the various exercises.
These offer you the opportunity to grip the weight plate even more comfortably and thus ensure a more secure hold. Of course, you can also attach the corresponding models to a dumbbell bar in the classic way and use them in the usual way for bench presses or biceps curls.
When buying weight plates at a later date, however, always pay attention to the respective hole diameter and the maximum possible total weight of your barbell.

This is how you care for and clean your rubber weight plates

Even if the rubber weight plates are a particularly robust type of training equipment, it makes sense - for hygienic reasons - to clean them every now and then. The main concern here is to remove any slight residues of sweat or dust. The best way to do this is to simply use a slightly dampened cloth.
Thanks to the smooth surface, most of the dirt is removed within a few moments.
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