Olympic Plates - 50/51mm


What exercises can you do with the 50mm weight plates?

When you hear the term "barbell", many people think of classic bench press training. And yes: tyou can do this effectively with 50 mm weight plates. But how about if you work a little more individually? Depending on the weight, the following ideas are available ...:
  • Train your thigh muscles by doing squats with the extra weight!
  • Complete your back training by fixing the weight plates 50 mm to your barbell, bending your upper body (with your back straight!) Forwards and pulling the barbell up your thighs towards the pelvis.
Of course, many other variants are possible based on the 50 mm weight plates. Just keep in mind that you should always have safety in mind and know your limits!

What should be considered when buying the 50 mm weight plates?

Weight plates 50 mm are now not only offered in different weight classes, but also in different designs and sizes. It can be difficult for you to make a final choice. In order to make this decision a little easier for you, we have listed a couple of points for yopu to consider before purchasing:
  • Cast iron weight plates offer you a classic elegant look and "puristic handling". This is exactly why many athletes still prefer this original style plate. The disadvantage: the cast iron version is not protected from external influences. This means that the weight plate comes into direct contact with your sweat, among other things and can rust over time (especially if left outside!) They can also damage an unprotected floor. 
  • Rubber and high end vinyl coated weight plates often come in a particularly colorful selection of colors, so that you can find the right weight for you from afar. Furthermore, the actual weight, the iron, is protected by the layer of rubber or high end vinyl and is therefore often gentler on the floor in your home gym area. Many high end vinyl weight plates are supplied with a cement core option. 
  • Fully rubber constructed weight plates are very popular choice for many commercial and home gyms around the work. These weight plates are made of solid rubber with a strong inner steel ring for strength and durability. These plates are robust and can withstand drops from great heights.   
  • Vinyl coated weight plates are an excellent cost effective option but will not be able to withstand high drops. These weight plates are particulary suited to more controlled exercisies like bench press or squats.       
As you might have guessed, the question “rubber, vinyl or cast iron?” Is a classic question of not only taste but more importantly - purpose. One thing is certain: both variants offer you an excellent grip, so that you can use the 50 mm weight plates even without a barbell bar, but also, for example, as additional weight.

50 mm - an important piece of information!

Don't ever use 50 mm weights on a smaller diameter barbell. All our 50mm plates have a bore of 50mm to be used with a 50 mm diameter barbell. 
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