Cast Iron - 30/31mm

After all, cast weight plates offer you the opportunity to train particularly comfortably. Regardless of whether in connection with a “typical beginner's weight” or in the advanced version: cast weight plates are available in numerous variants and can of course also be used in the course of a wide variety of exercises.
In addition, the different models have the same advantages, but also - depending on the variant - different characteristics.

Cast weight plates in a set

If you are interested in cast weight plates, you will find out after a short research that they are not only available in different weight classes, but also in different designs.
In the event that a high degree of flexibility is the focus of your training, you should also find out more about the practical set purchase. Among other things, this offers you the option of combining the different weights with each other and thus increasing the difficulty of your workout.
If you want to use the cast weight plates to supplement existing equipment, it is of course also important to pay attention to the information on the hole diameter to ensure that you can use the plates together with your barbell.

Different colors for even greater training comfort

Gone are the days when you could only opt for models in silver and black in connection with cast weight plates! Instead, today you can also fall back on unusual variants, for example in gold.
A corresponding advantage is shown here, among other things, in the fact that you can quickly recognize your weights - with a little practice - at first glance and so you do not have to interrupt your training in search of “number of pounds X”.

The cast weight plates and their advantages

Cast iron weight plates usually offer hobby and professional athletes two main advantages. On the one hand, this variant is characterized by a particularly puristic, classic look, which is also great in the smaller, “old school” home gym.
Another point that speaks in favor of buying cast iron weight plates is the stability they offer. Even with regular, “rough” use, the first signs of use are usually extremely long in coming ... if they should occur at all at any time.
Last but not least, the demands that cast weight plates make with regard to cleaning and care are also low. Light to moderate soiling can be easily removed with a damp cloth.  
Due to the particularly hard surface that characterizes the various models, you should always ensure that you store them as gently as possible. In order to prevent signs of wear on the floor, it is therefore advisable to either sit on a dumbbell rack or place the discs on fitness mats if they are not used for a longer period of time.
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