Weight Plates

Create a tailor made workout with Gorilla Sports’ weight plates. Ideal for all needs and ability and at affordable prices to suit all budgets! Whether you’re after Tri Grip Weight Plates or Rubber Weight Plates, all of our weight plates are designed for use with our barbells, weight racks and weight stations.

While our Cast Iron Weight Plates are extremely durable, for the perfect barbell weight plates, we recommend the lighter Rubber Coated Weight Plates due to the ease with which you can manoeuvre them on and off the bar. But if you’re looking to build the perfect Olympic home gym, look no further than our Olympic Weight Plates, which like all of our plates, come in a range of colours and sizes.

World-class weight plates

Not all weight plates are created the same. Our range of Gorilla Sports weight plates have the design, quality and versatility you’d expect from Europe’s leading gym and exercise equipment brand.
Whether you choose cast iron, vinyl, rubber or tri grip weight plates, the entire Gorilla Sports range is designed for use with our barbells, weight racks and weight stations. You know you’re building a heavyweight home gym when you have Gorilla Sports weight plates on the racks.

Work out with world-class Gorilla Sports weight plates

When you work out with our comprehensive range of Gorilla Sports weight plates you know you’re pumping iron with a heavyweight brand. Gorilla Sports is Europe’s leader in exercise and gym equipment and you can see and feel the quality in every kilo across their entire range from cast iron, rubber, vinyl and tri grip weight plates.

Cast iron weight plates

The tough cast iron range is crafted from high-quality powder coated cast iron and are available from 0.5-30kg. The weight specification is embossed into the iron, so you always know what you’re working with. Long-lasting cast iron weight plates are ideal for all levels and are very economical.

Rubber weight plates

If you want a quieter more cushioned workout, stock your home gym with Gorilla Sports rubber weight plates. Their cast iron core gives you weight and stability, while the 4mm of rubber attached to the core, cushions any impact if you release too soon or drop the weight. This is a pro quality weight you’ll love pumping in your home gym.

Vinyl weight plates

Being on a budget shouldn’t stop you getting quality weight plates for your home gym. Gorilla Sports vinyl weight plates are light on the pocket and heavy-duty on the workout. Crafted from tough black vinyl, filled with compacted cement, vinyl weight plates are a perfect way to start building up a home gym.  

The tri grip range

Whether you choose Gorilla Sports cast iron, rubber or vinyl weight plates, the versatile tri grip design makes them easy to load and unload onto bars and simple to handle. Get a grip on some tri grips and start ripping out some sets.

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