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Our range of Weight Bars is unrivalled, with tricep bars, dumbbell bars and barbell bars of the highest quality but at affordable prices!

From Olympic Collars to Trap Bars we have what you’re looking for. And our collection also contains Adjustable Kettlebell Bars which can support the full range of range of Cast Iron Weights.


The wide range of barbell bars   

There is a wide range of handrails: long or short, straight or curved, with a diameter of 30 mm or 50 mm. A barbell bar that is tailored to the individual's level of performance, the training location, personal preferences and goals is the basic equipment for every barbell training session. It can be equipped with weight plates as desired and the weight adjusted to the muscle groups. Accordingly, it is ideal for effective and varied whole-body training and makes it an integral part of every basic equipment of a home gym.
But what are the characteristics of a "right" barbell? What are the differences and how do the length and hole diameter affect the training? Which bar fits best for regular workouts at home and what should you pay attention to when choosing a bar in the gym? 

Length of the barbell

The length of a barbell has the greatest impact on training. Depending on the bar dimensions, the weight varies, which, when added to the weight plates, results in the sum of the total training weight. In addition, the total length affects the mounting surface on each side and the inside dimensions of the handle. A distinction is generally made between dumbbells and barbells.
Dumbbell bar:
Dumbbell bars are usually offered in a practical set of 2, in order to be able to perform a bilateral upper body training. They are available in 3 lengths (35 cm, 42 cm, 51 cm) with a weight of 2.5-5 kg. Despite its short length, the maximum load capacity, depending on the model, is between 100-136 kg.
Barbell bar:
From 120 centimeters, the bar belongs to the "long" barbell category. They are available in 8 different lengths (120 cm, 130 cm, 150 cm, 170 cm, 180 cm, 200 cm, 218 cm, 220 cm) with a maximum load capacity of 60-680 kg. The longer the barbell, the more weight it has. When choosing a bar for home training, the size of the training room and the width of the barbell rack or bench should also be taken into account when purchasing.
SZ bar:
With its length of 120 cm, the curl bar belongs to the category of barbell bars, however, due to its special shape, it differs significantly from the classic straight version. Thanks to its SZ-shaped bend, the bar is ideal for arm training that is easy on the joints. Depending on the model, it has a dead weight of 7-10 kg and has a maximum load capacity of 180-272 kg.

Hole diameter of the barbell bars

The hole diameter indicates which version of the weight plate fits on the bar and refers to the diameter of the disc holder. A general distinction is made between standard and Olympic dimensions. Both types of models are available for the short and long bar versions.
Standard handlebars have a 30 mm hole diameter and can be fitted with all common 30/31 mm weight plates. The weight plates have a compact size, which makes loading and changing the plates particularly easy. In addition, the standard discs can be stowed away well and are therefore ideal equipment for home training at home.
Olympic sticks have a hole diameter of 50 mm and are suitable for discs with 50/51 mm diameter. Olympic discs have a lower weight tolerance and are larger than the standard variant, which is why they are used more often by bodybuilders and triathletes in professional strength training. Due to the higher weight that the bar can be exposed to, it has ball bearings. The ball bearing guarantees the advantage that the rod balances itself independently and offers stability even with extremely high weight.

Barbell closures

The different locking systems are available for both the short and barbell bars. A basic distinction is made between screw and clamp closures.
Barbell bars with clamp fastener have a smooth holder on which weight plates can be quickly and easily changed and attached. The spring locks are simply pushed onto the weight holder and prevent the panes from wobbling around.
Star fasteners require a thread for fastening, to which they must be screwed. This type of attachment is time-consuming, but offers a higher hold of the weight plates. The thread prevents slipping to the side and offers a high level of safety during dumbbell training, which is especially helpful for beginners in fitness.
Regardless of whether the workout takes place at home or in the studio: length, hole diameter and type of lock are decisive when choosing the bar and can significantly determine the effectiveness of the dumbbell training. When increasing the training weight, it is important to include the weight of the bar in the total weight. Since the weight of the bar can vary depending on the model and provider, it is important to always inquire about it. This information helps with regular weight gain and ultimately leads to effective and controlled muscle building.

Barbell bar set: with spring lock or star lock, short or long

Simple but effective: the barbell consists of the bar and two weights attached to the ends. And depending on the size, you can intensify your aerobic training with dumbbells, improve your condition and also build muscles in a targeted manner during bodybuilding. To increase jumping ability, muscle building and coordination, we have for you Dumbbell Bars at the start: Around Set me different diameters and with spring lock - so you can see the weight plates easily and replaced in no time, and train with different weights. Longer barbell bars are used for free exercises. And especially when doing exercises over the head or with heavy weight plates, star closures are fixedthe weights securely on the bar. The advantage of barbell exercises? The whole body is trained because different muscles work at the same time. By the way: In the Gorilla Sports Online Shop you will not only find a large selection of barbell bars, but also accessories and weight plates .

Dumbbell bar length: from dumbbell bars to a bar with 218 cm

Whether for the gym or your weight room at home: barbell bars are usually part of the basic equipment. And depending on where you focus on strength training, you can get the right barbell bars from us: from 35 cm to 218 cm long , with different types of fasteners, also with neck pads or in special shapes (e.g. curl bar or triceps trainer). Are you unsure which pole is the right one? Or which discs you can combine? Then just contact us - we will be happy to advise you!
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