Dumbbell Sets

Our extensive Dumbbell Sets range contains multiple types of weight plates, all high quality, in many variants. 

Choose from Cast Iron Dumbbells, Chrome Dumbbells and Tri Grip Dumbbells, all with a highly polished and stylish metallic finish. 

Alternatively, for a dark finish, our Rubber Dumbbells and Vinyl Dumbbells are of a high, professional quality. For a firmer grip, our 30kg Vinyl Tri Grip Dumbbell Sets are extremely robust with in-built grips. 

A mixture of 1.25kg and 2.5kg weights are used to create our dumbbell sets and each of our bars weighs 2.5kg. For more information about what specification suits you, you can call or email us.

What are the advantages of dumbbells in the home gym?

Dumbbells are certainly one of the most classic training devices. They offer you many advantages, which can be seen in the following points, among others ...:
  1. Dumbbells don't take up much space and can also be used easily in a small home gym /room. They can offer an ideal "compromise" if you can't fit barbells and or bulky equipment.
  2. Dumbbells don't require much maintenance. Rather, the robust materials used in all our dumbbells ensure a long shelf life. Any dirt and grime can easily be removed with lukewarm water and a rag.
  3. Dumbbells can be stowed away conveniently in a small accessible storage area and can always be at hand.
Ultimately, the flexibility offered by good dumbbells should never be underestimated. Dumbbells are not only suitable for classic bicep training!! Don't forget you can hit many other muscle groups with their help :-)

What exercises can be done with dumbbells?

Anyone who thinks of dumbbells thinks biceps. Yes, dumbbells are ideal for addressing your biceps, but it is a mistake to limit the dumbbells to only one area.
With the help of dumbbells in different weight classes, you can also train your triceps, the side back muscles and your chest.
How effectively the whole thing turns out, of course, depends on other factors, including the type of movement, the number of repetitions and sets and your stamina with regard to regular training.
It can be worthwhile to take a look outside the box. How about, for example, doing classic bench presses not only with barbells, but also with dumbbells? The particular challenge here is to balance even more specifically and thus also to let the underlying muscles work.

What types of dumbbells are available?

A look at the assortment of dumbbells shows that the classic dumbbell does not exist. Rather, this special equipment is now also offered in numerous variants. The models differ not only in terms of appearance, but also in their characteristic peculiarities.
The cast iron dumbbell without a plastic jacket is a particularly puristic solution. Here steel is literally lifted.
However, plastic dumbbells made of rubber or dumbbells with a colorful coating also offer special advantages. These can sometimes be seen in the fact that they usually leave marks on the floor of your home gym in the form of dents and notches less quickly. A more courageous falling (for example after a last, demanding repetition) is usually more "forgiven" here.
At the same time, you can distinguish the dumbbells with the colorful coating from each other at first glance. Especially when you have decided on a complete set, this is an ideal solution that can help you to work without major interruptions.

Dumbbells in a set or single purchase?

You can buy dumbbells as a set, individually or as a pair. But what are the advantages of buying a set compared to buying individual dumbbells?
Basically, you can of course train effectively with “only” two dumbbells. However, it is also clear that it makes sense to address different muscle groups with different weights.
Maybe your chest muscles are stronger than your biceps? Perhaps you want to push your neck muscles with a different weight than your back?
If you want to stay as flexible as possible here, it is worthwhile to "top up" a little with regard to your dumbbell equipment and to keep several options open for a varied training.
If you don't compromise here and instead adapt the weights even more specifically to your individual abilities, you can ultimately prevent overloads and optimize your training plan. And: if there is progress, you can prevent a possible underload by simply switching to the next higher dumbbell weight class.
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