Treadmills are an excellent addition to any home gym. With the help of a treadmill, you can enjoy the benefits of running and walking comfortably in your home at any time.


Sophisticated training programs offer variety and simulate different terrain profiles while you train regardless of weather conditions. You can watch a movie and just let your mind wander. User-friendly treadmills with innovative technology make it easy for you to achieve your individual training goals with well thought-out programs.

What distinguishes treadmills?

Treadmills are electronically operated fitness equipment that you run on like in the great outdoors while the belt keeps moving. In addition to the option of setting the angle of inclination and speed directly on the belt, you will find models with preprogrammed training programs. These can be selected depending on the fitness level. They bring variety to your training units and offer a variety of training options.

What are the advantages of treadmills?

A high-quality treadmill expands your home gym with a functional training device with which you:
  • Have the opportunity to train flexibly even with little time
  • Regularly make an efficient contribution to your fitness regardless of the weather
  • Exercise comfortably, without having to travel
  • Get your circulation and metabolism going
  • Maintain or reduce your weight
  • Can achieve individual training goals
And the best thing about it: Your treadmill is always ready and you can use it spontaneously whenever you feel like it.

Who are treadmills for?

Anyone who moves in nature and has healthy joints can start running. It is up to you whether you train exclusively in the home gym or choose the treadmill as a practical alternative for the cold season. You can use the treadmill as the sole fitness device or in addition to other sports such as strength training. In this case, it is optimal for warming up. Treadmills are suitable for movement training, for example to compensate for jobs with little movement. Regular cardio training on the treadmill:
  • Prevents heart and circulatory diseases
  • Increases your endurance and general fitness
  • Strengthens the musculoskeletal system and strengthens the ability to coordinate
  • Increases the volume of the lungs
  • Stimulates the fat metabolism

How do you train properly on a treadmill?

If you start exercising on the treadmill, the first step is to take the test program. This is how you get to know the device and its functions and find out your individual fitness level. The integrated hand pulse sensors continuously measure your pulse, while a transmitter chest strap measures the current and average heart rate. At Gorilla Sports you will discover treadmills that are equipped with a POLAR-compatible receiver for a chest strap of this brand. The optimal heart rate is closely related to your training effect. This can be a long time coming in the event of insufficient demand, while too much can lead to injuries. Treadmills that automatically adjust the speed to the measured heart rate are ideal.

What training goal are you pursuing?

The area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication of treadmills extends from slow walking in the course of rehabilitation measures to walking to professional marathon training. The technical equipment of your treadmill should be tailored to your training goals. From the orthopedic running belt for rehab to the powerful 3 HP motor for high-performance training, a wide range of technical and other equipment details awaits you.

What to do if there is little space?

If you have little space and cannot or do not want to set up a treadmill permanently, a foldable device is the ideal solution. At Gorilla Sports you will find a comprehensive selection of high-quality treadmills that have foldable running surfaces. They are also provided with smooth-running rollers that allow easy handling.

Which treadmills can you find at Maxxus Sports?

At Maxxus Sports you can expect a comprehensive range of high-quality treadmills with high-quality equipment and a variety of functions. These can be set up in simple steps and, depending on the model, include:
  • Compact dimensions, foldable running surfaces, smooth-running transport rollers
  • Large, rubberized treads that run very smoothly
  • Emergency stop functions via magnets and quick start functions
  • Connections for MP3 players as well as USB sockets and brackets for tablets and smartphones
  • LCD displays and LCD monitors with blue backlighting
  • Powerful drive systems with motors with up to 3 HP
  • Up to two integrated cushioning systems for training that is easy on the joints
  • Hand pulse measurement, POLAR receiver for chest straps and orthopedic running straps
  • Heart rate controlled, manual and BMI programs for body fat analyzes as well as up to 36 training profiles plus free storage spaces

Which workout clothes are suitable for treadmills?

Light, breathable clothing is ideal for your training on the treadmill. This should not be restrictive and should offer a lot of freedom of movement. Although high-quality treadmills have good cushioning systems, wearing running shoes is recommended. If you train intensely and sweaty, you benefit from functional running clothes that wick sweat away from the body and dry quickly.

What training options do treadmills offer?

Depending on the version of the model you have chosen, you have a variety of options for effective training on the treadmill. For a moderate start, you can start walking and increase your speed to brisk walking. Depending on your personal training goal, you can increase your endurance and your fitness level with walking, slow or intense running. Special programs offer you sporting challenges for demanding competition training.
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