Rowing Machines

If you are looking for a versatile training device for your home gym, it's worth taking a closer look at rowing machines. Training on a rowing machine involves the entire musculoskeletal system and is an efffective and popular way to train your entire body. 

Improve your endurance and your general fitness in an effective way while completing a comprehensive full-body workout. In addition, you have the opportunity to build muscle mass and increase your strength.

What characterises rowing machines?

Rowing machines simulate motion sequences that correspond to rowing a boat. In most devices, the power is transmitted by means of cable pulls with T-handles and flywheels. Your resistance systems are slowed down in different ways by air, magnets or water. High-quality rowing machines combine the advantages of magnetic and air resistance and are characterized by extremely smooth running and a low noise level. Adjustable resistances enable individual training, while training computers show your performance in the form of time, kilometers covered and calories burned, and a heart rate monitor shows your heart rate. Depending on the version, you will also receive information about the stroke frequency, the profile of the training route and the corresponding number of watts.

Who are rowing machines suitable for?

Beginners and professionals alike benefit from regular training on rowing machines. You can achieve different training goals with a rowing machine. These versatile devices are suitable for:
  • Movement training that gets your circulation going as a balance to sedentary activities
  • Full-body training with which you increase your general fitness
  • Endurance training that increases your basal metabolic rate and boosts your metabolism
  • Strength training to build targeted muscle

What are the advantages of rowing machines in the home gym?

As a training device for the entire body, a rowing machine is a worthwhile investment for your home gym. You can train flexibly at any time without losing valuable time on journeys. This allows you to use even small time windows effectively for training units. Different programs make your workout on the rowing machine varied and allow you to adapt it to your individual training level. Compact and foldable devices for rowing require little space and can be moved in a few simple steps thanks to the smooth-running castors.

What do you expect from your rowing machine?

In order to find out which rowing machine is best for you, it is important to define your training goals. Rowing machines are available in different configurations, ranging from simple to complex or multifunctional models. The following questions are helpful here:
  • How much space do you have available?
  • What training goals are you pursuing?
  • Would you like a multifunctional device to train strength as well as endurance?
  • Do you need USB connections?
  • How sophisticated should your training computer be?
  • How important is smooth running to you?


What is the difference between rowing machines and rowing ergometers from Gorilla Sports?

The most important difference between rowing ergometers and rowing machines lies in the types of rowing machines and in the training goals that you can achieve.
  • The rowing machine in white with its chrome-plated and knurled pull rods offers you the perfect conditions for a varied full-body workout. The pull rods can be equipped with weight plates and enable intensive strength training for the upper arms, chest and back. You can also find suitable weight plates in different weight classes at Gorilla Sports.
  • The rowing ergometer has a combined, wear-free air and magnetic brake system with high effectiveness at low volume. Training programs for beginners and advanced athletes design your training individually; 16 braking levels enable effective cardio training. If you don't feel like making settings, you can get started right away thanks to the quick start function. If you have little space available, the foldable rowing ergometer from Gorilla Sports is also an excellent choice.

What is important when choosing the optimal rowing machine?

First of all, it makes sense to take a look at the dimensions of the individual devices. The aforementioned rowing ergometer, which can be folded up in a few simple steps and moved easily using transport rollers, is a delight with its small footprint. In addition to technical equipment, other criteria are your height and the maximum total load on the device. At Gorilla Sports you will find rowing machines with a maximum user weight of 120, 150 and 350 kg. The latter refers to the rowing machine, which you can also upgrade with dumbbells.

What does ideal training on the rowing machine look like?

Regular training is required to increase your endurance through training units on the rowing machine. Start slowly at first and incorporate a twenty-minute workout two to three times a week. This activates your circulation and boosts your metabolism while you get used to the training. Over time, you can increase the number of days and duration of the workout and increase the intensity by changing the resistance. If you have decided on a rowing machine with pull rods for attachable dumbbells, you do the same with these.
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