If you are looking for a way to experience endurance sports on a very special level and at the same time protect your joints, you should look into the advantages of modern indoor cycling.

With this type of cycling, you benefit not only from being completely independent of the weather, but also from many different setting options, so that you can ideally adapt your training to your very personal fitness level.
With the help of many models, you also have the opportunity to digitally track your successes. So you can always save exactly when and how hard you were. But the various basic models also help you to optimize your fitness and endurance particularly effectively.

More than “just” cycling

Even after the first steps on the pedals of the indoor bike , it becomes clear that indoor cycling is much more than “just” classic cycling.
Rather, you benefit from, among other things, ...:
  • a particularly high level of user comfort
  • different settings and the corresponding resistances
  • different training options
  • the chance to be able to use a particularly effective device that does not take up much space in the gym at home.
Especially if you are looking for a sweaty workout that not only challenges your legs but almost your entire body (and sometimes even your psyche), you've come to the right place.
The training is of course even more exciting with the right music or a training partner by your side. So: there is nothing wrong with swinging on the saddle with two indoor cycling models side by side!

What should be considered when doing indoor cycling?

Basically, indoor cycling is a type of sport that can be celebrated by sports fans of all ages and fitness levels. Nevertheless, it is of course also important to follow a few basic rules in order to be on the safe side in terms of health.
Strictly speaking, you should consider the following tips ...:
  • Since it can be assumed that you will lose a lot of fluids during indoor cycling, you should make sure that you always drink enough.
  • It is also useful to monitor your pulse. In this way you ensure that you always train in the optimal fat burning or endurance range.
  • If you experience pain during training, the session must of course be interrupted.
  • Make sure to warm up enough before training. It is best to drive a few minutes with little resistance.
  • As with classic cycling, the indoor cycling device must also be tailored to your body. The rule here is that when a pedal is at “six o'clock”, the knees still have to be very slightly (!) Bent.

Varied indoor cycling exercises

If you have recently attended an indoor cycling course, you surely know that there are other options besides classic cycling.
One of the most popular variants is, for example, setting a comparatively high resistance and driving while standing. It quickly becomes apparent that the thigh and buttock muscles are particularly stressed in this way.
Advanced indoor cycling fans also know that pedaling "just" backwards can be a challenge. So not only other muscle groups are used. The coordination is also put to the test.
Tip: between the individual exercises you can prevent tension and the like by stretching your arms upwards or rotating your shoulders. Then make sure that your back is straight and that you don't pull your shoulders up too much.

Accessories for your indoor cycling devices

Once set up, you will find an effective training partner in your indoor cycling device that is suitable both for warming up, for example before strength training, and as a full-fledged solo training.
There are also no major challenges with regard to care and cleaning. In any case, your additional equipment should include care oil. You use this to treat the friction surface. This enables an even finer adjustment in the braking power range. Among other things, you prevent too rapid wear. In addition, your indoor cycling device stays nice and quiet - with regular oiling - so that your workout is not disturbed by background noises.
It can also be useful to “cycle” with training gloves, especially when you are sweating heavily. Because: they ensure that you can grip the handles even better and benefit from an even more secure hold.

Indoor cycling to improve endurance

Indoor cycling puts both your coordination and your muscular strength to the test. If you get into the saddle regularly, you can use it to prepare for longer runs, such as a half marathon, among other things. Please note that in this case your training must of course also be supplemented by other factors such as jogging units and the like.
Nevertheless, riding indoor cycling is a welcome change from jogging and classic cycling. Depending on the device and additional equipment, you can make your workout a little more individual.
Among other things, pay attention to the presence of a display if desired and, if necessary, integrate music into your training. Last but not least, all you need is the right motivation to stay on the ball and - little by little - noticeably improve your physical endurance.
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